Memories & Memorabilia

YIS has stood as both a witness and an active participant in the rich history of Yokohama and Japan. Since its inauguration in October 1924, thousands of students, faculty, and parents have passed through our school halls and played integral roles in shaping our school's history. Together, they have contributed to the establishment and nurturing of the institution and community that we recognize as YIS today.

Whether separated by just a few years or spanning several decades, these individuals have imprinted their legacy on the chronicles of YIS history. Their impact is evident through the lauded achievements and contributions of students; the dedication of buildings or campus spaces named in their honor; their voluntary contributions steering the school's development; their service as mentors, guiding the next generation of students, and their diligence in documenting the school's growth, character, and history for posterity.

We hope that the sample of memorabilia presented below and the collection in this folder will evoke cherished memories of your contribution to YIS' history and time spent with fellow Dragons.


Buildings and Places